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Boys' Hostel No. 1

Boys' Hostel No. 2

Boy's Hostels

Shram Sadhana Bombay Trust Sanchalit Arts, Commerce & Science College, Bambhori, Jalgaon provides excellent hostel facility with 24 hours security for students. We have 02 Boys’ Hostels where the accommodation type and capacity of students is as given below.

Sr. No. Hostel No. of Floors Accommodation Type Total no of Rooms Total capacity
Single Seated Triple Seated  Four Seated
01 Boys’ Hostel No. 1 G+3 --- 86 --- 86 258
02 Boys’ Hostel No. 2 G+4 07 120 --- 127 367
Total 07 206 --- 213 625

On the approval of Chairman Hostel Committee, Principal and Rector the hostel admission programme are declared when the new academic year starts. For academic year 2023-24 hostel fee structure is shown as given below.

Hostel Deposit (Rs) (once only) Refundable Hostel Fee per student per year (Rs)
For single seated 2500/- 25000/-
For Triple and Four seated
2500/- 20000/-
Mess Charges: Rs. 20000/- per Annum

Both Hostels are equipped with necessary basic facilities to make the staying comfortable. All rooms in hostel are well ventilated, aerated and furnished with study tables, chairs, fans, fluorescent lights, lockers, cupboards, wall hangers, shoe racks. Students are allow to use own air coolers during summer without any extra electricity charges.

Each hostel has independent mess which is run by an authorized contract personnel where quality food is made available at reasonable rates to the students.


  1. Solar Water heating system of 6000LPD are installed in each Hostel to get hot water for bathing.
  2. Continuous water supply, water coolers with R O Plant for drinking water of each hostel.
  3. Internet facility through Wi-Fi are provided in each hostel.
  4. The TV with cable facility is made available in hostel.
  5. Different types of news papers in Marathi, Hindi, English languages are made available to the students in hostel.
  6. Indoor games (carom, chess, badminton etc) are provided in hostels.
  7. Continuous power supply, supplemented by 250 KVA generator facilities.
  8. Lawn & garden around the hostel.
  9. Open Air Theater in hostel no. 2.
  10. Telephone (intercom) facilities are provided.
  11. Well equipped high-tech Gym is available for hostellers including girls.
  12. Well equipped yoga hall is available.

General Facilities

  1. Grievance and complaint register is maintained in the hostels.
  2. For maintaining cleanliness in boys’ hostel cleaning contract is given to Jiba matta cleaning corporate services having eight workers with one supervisor.
  3. One clerk for hostel is assigned to maintain the record of the hosteller.
  4. One computer &printer for boys’ hostel is provided.
  5. Fire Extinguishers are provided on each floors of hostel.
  6. Anti-ragging committee (conducts meeting as when required)
  7. Anti-ragging squad (regular visit the committee members in night hours according to schedule.
  8. Hostel committee monthly conduct a meeting.
  9. Hostel gates are closed at 10 pm.
  10. Security personnel round the clock in each hostel.
  11. Hostellers have to do entry in the register for their incoming and outgoing time.
  12. Ragging is strictly and effectively prohibited in hostels.
  13. Phone numbers of rector and hostel superintendent chairman, anti ragging committee are Displayed on the board in each hostels.
  14. Rectors and hostel Superintendent Visit the hostel regularly in night hours to ensure safety and security.
  15. UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging clauses 3, 7, 9 are displayed on the notice board in each hostel.
  16. Every floor of hostel assigns one teacher coordinator who visits hostel preferably night hours. Teachers’ coordinators act as guardian and undertake responsibility of discipline and counseling of students. They give feedback to the Rector.
  17. Management is kind enough to initiate a scheme under which economically weaker meritorious student are given concession in the hostel fee and mess charges.
  18. Feedback collection mechanism from student is existing. This gives an opportunity to students to put up their constructive suggestion & views.

Mess Facilities

  1. Meal twice a day.
  2. Morning breakfast and Tea.
  3. Menu given by students/
  4. Feast every alternate week.
  5. Mess charges Rs 2000/- per month per hosteller. Very economical compared to other messes of the region.
  6. Regular medical check up of mess workers is done.
  7. Quality of food checked by Management, Principal, HOD, Rector and hostel superintendent and staff regularly.
  8. Menu displayed on notice board.
  9. Rector and hostel superintendent monitors the cleanliness of mess time to time.
  10. RO with water cooler for drinking water are provided in each mess.
  11. Guest charges Rs 40/- per guest student.
  12. Insect curbing machines is provided in each mess.
  13. Dusting Hut provided in each mess kitchen.
  14. First Aid box is kept in each Mess.
  15. Quality of food is monitored by teachers’ team with monthly schedule. Teachers records their remarks in register kept in each Mess. Rector complies the remarks monthly and issues directives to the mess contractors.

Canteen Facilities

The canteen menu rates are approved by Hostel Committee and are displayed, cleanliness and quality is monitored regularly Canteen service round the clock.

Physical Facilities

Presently there are Two boys’ hostel, each hostel is made available to the students with neat and clean accommodation toilet and bath facilities, warm and nutritious food facility in mess, optimally aerated, ventilated and illuminated study rooms. Summerisely mentioned in following table.

Sr No. Facilities in Boys Hostel No. 1 & 2 Number
1 Toilets 84
2 Bathrooms 82
3 Mess 02
4 Common Hall 05
5 Color Television Set 02
6 WaterCoolers for drinking water 02
7 R O System 02
8 Solar waterHeating system for Hot Water 06
9 Wi-fi internet rotters 10

Special facilities for cultural events / activities continuous efforts are made for the development of students by encouraging them to participate not only academic but also co-curricular activities to improve their inter personal communication skills and to reveal the hidden potentials of the students so as to provide graduate cultured and responsible citizens to the society.

Students are encouraged to do social work like blood donation tree plantation, cleanliness, etc In order to encourage cultural & spiritual awareness among the students following festivals are celebrated. The activities conducted-

  1. Ganesh Utsav (7 days in which various events organized, One minute show, Dumb charade, AD MAD show, Antakshari, Singing, Dance, Rangoli, Mehanadi, etc.)
  2. Sarswati Pooja.
  3. Satyanarayan Pooja.
  4. Iftar Party.
  5. Shiv Jayanti.
  6. Janmashtami.
  7. Jagarataa.
  8. Kojagiri Pornima.
  9. Dahi Handi.
  10. Hostel Cricket Cup.
  11. Badminton Competition.
  12. Garbha play during Navratri.
  13. Ravan Dahan.
  14. Holi Dahan.
  15. Dry Holi.
  16. Cleaning campaign in the campus, clean room competition on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.
  17. Yoga Camp.

Office Bearers

Rector Dr. S. L. Patil (Mob: 9423774260)
Hostel Superintendent Shri. B. C. Kachhava (Mob: 9423774263)

Office Staff:

  1. Shri. S. K. Chavan, Hostel Clerk
  2. Shri. S. O. Patil, Helper
  3. Shri. J. D. Patil, Helper

Other Temporary Staff:

  1. Daily wages employee - 02
  2. Sweeper - 03
  3. Security Guards - 02

Contact Numbers

  1. Rector (Boys): 9423774260
  2. Hostel Suptd (Boys): 9423774263

Intercom Extension: 2258393

  1. Hostel Rector (Boys): (R) 272
  2. Hostel Suptd (Boys): (R) 273
  3. Boys' Hostel 1: 269
  4. Boys' Hostel 2: 270
  5. Professors' Quarter: 277
  6. Health Centre: 278

Other Committees

  1. Proctorial and students Grievance Redressal Committee:
    Chairman: Dr P J Shah (Mob No: 9890094045)
    Professor, E&TC Department
  2. Mahila Takrar Nivaran Samiti:
    Chairman: Mrs. Meera Deshpande (Mob No: 9326694640)
    Professor, Applied Science Department

Constitution of Boy's Hostel Committee

#Name Designation Position
1 Dr. G. K. Patnaik Principal Chairman
2 Dr. S. L. Patil Rector Member
3 Shri. B. C. Kachhava Hostel Supdt. Member
4 Shri. Ajay Bhardwaj W. S. & Asst. Professor Member
5 Shri. D. D. Puri Asst. Professor Member
6 Shri. P. D. Patil Asst. Professor Member

Anti Ragging Committee

Sr.No. Post Name of Member
1 Chairman Dr. M. Husain
HOD, Civil Engg.
2 Representative of HOD as a Member Dr. V. R. Diware
HOD, Chemical Engg.
3 Representative of Non Govt. Organization Adv. R. D. Barde
4 Representative of Police PSI, Paldhi Police Station
Police Sub Inspector
5 Representative of Teaching staff as a Member Dr. P. S. Zope
Assistant Professor E&TC Engg.
Prof. J. N. Kale
Assistant Professor, Civil Engg.
Dr. Saroj B. Patil
Assistant Professor, MBA
6 Student Welfare Officer Assistant Professor, Information Technology Deparment
7 Representative from Hostel as a Member Dr. S. L. Patil
Rector, Boys Hostel
Shri. B. C. Kachhava
Hostel Superintendent, Boys’ Hostel
Dr. Archana Bhavasar
Rector, Girls Hostel
Mrs. Pushpa Raul
Hostel Superintendent, Girls Hostel
8 Representative of Non-Teaching staff as a Member Dr. Sudhir Patil
Shri. J. B. Sisodiya
Physical Director
9 Representative of parents as a Member
10 Representative of Student (Senior) as a Member
11 Representative of student (Junior) as a Member